Director of Communications and Internal

Jasmyn St. Hilaire (SWAD)

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Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected?
Jasmyn is running for the position of Director of Communication and Internal because she truly believes she can make a difference within the George Brown community. She enjoyed her role as Casa Loma Campus Director and accomplished several initiatives during her term including, launching gender neutral washrooms at both the Casa Loma and St. James campuses, as well as laying the groundwork for a new updated bathroom plan at the Casa Loma campus in consultation with the Free to Pee Committee. Her experience working with the Black Students Success Network, as a Black Student Advisor; along with the Board of Directors and faculty management, had greatly opened her eyes to many of the problems students still face here at George Brown College. Jasmyn will bring a unique perspective to the role of Director of Communication and Internal, She will continue to work hard to ensure there is continuous transparency above all. She strongly believes that students deserve to know what is going on within the George Brown community, and to never feel like they are being kept in the dark on arising issues. Vote Yes for Jasmyn St. Hilaire and You Will Not Be Disappointed. Vote Team S.W.A.D | Students.With.A.Dream.

Director of Operations

Kushagra Manchanda (SWAD)


Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected?
• Improve Awareness of the Student Association and the services provided by it
• Ensure that the Student Association is transparent with their finances and stays within budget
• Increase scholarships and bursaries
• Increase awareness among students about the fees they pay to the Student Association.
• Promote a healthy, welcoming and accommodating safe place for all
• Improve the core financial and administrative functions of the Student Association
• Increase awareness among the students about college and community scholarships.
• To be a passionate and convincing voice for all student problems.

Director of Campus Life

Alex Stewart (SWAD)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected?

The reason I am running for this position is to maintain the transparent relationship the SA has developed with the student body. I will continuously make decisions with my peers in mind and create more inclusive and accessible events that will increase the engagement of students. I also plan to prioritize interactions with students, staff and colleagues and together develop ways in which their needs on campus can be effectively met . Lastly, construct Co-op opportunities for students within the SA, that will be credible towards their studies.


Director of Education

Arnel Fleuant (SWAD)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected?
As a board member of SA already I want to have change at GBC for all students of Race and Colour as well as a better education for all students at GBC. If elected I wish to continue my work and make the school a better and safer place for all GBC students open more opportunities for a better education and better benefit for all students.


Kavi Ramgoolam (Students First)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected? 
My name is Kavi Ramgoolam, I am finishing my Business Administration program+ co-op at the college this semester. Over the last few semesters, I have accumulated several academic achievements I am proud of, including creating a business plan, developing a successful consulting solution, and founding one of George Brown College’s clubs: The Board Games and Friends Club. As I continue to build myself up more and more, I learned about myself that I want to be deeply involved in helping my fellow students in their academic pursuits and helping them find their way through college. Over the last few semesters I have been leading the Board Games and Friends Club at the college, meeting new students and making new friends. One of the main goals of this club was to create an atmosphere where people can de-stress from their academic studies and make friends while having a good time. Through all the people I met during this time, I grew to appreciate their stories of where they came from, and their struggles as they try to make it through their academic challenges, and I understand their frustration with education as well, whether it’s a course they don’t need or if they have some issues accessing help. I want to support them in a position where I can make more impact for them, and not just helping alleviate stress. As the Director of Education, I believe this new role will be able to help me support and represent many students all over the college in a way that can help many students be more certain of how their education can help them, and receive all the necessary support and more. I hope I can have this opportunity as I really want to help many college students succeed.



Director of Equity

Kizzie St. Clair


Casa Loma Campus Director

Vimal (Students First)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected?
At the very outset, I would like to thank those students who took the time to help me qualify to run in this position. As an International student, the support from both domestic and international students have been overwhelming and speaks to the diversity and inclusive nature of GBC. My personal experience as an Intentional Student has helped me to better understand the need for opportunities to be created for all the students and the unspoken challenges to be addressed. I have chosen to apply for the Campus Director of Casa Loma, because I have my all classes here and I would be able to spend quality time with students more effectively. I love meeting people, organizing events and volunteer in the activities. My 10 years of industry experience and will help to do justice with my role. Following are my vision for the role as the Campus Director of CL campus: 1. Identify the gaps and growth opportunities for the students of Casa Loma campus. 2. Create a “Safe Place” for all the students to improve the Diversity, equity and Inclusiveness. 3. Bring in more industry partners and professional development experts focused on skill development. 4. Create Mandatory open student feedback forum on a monthly basis and possibly bring in other board members and directors to address specific concerns. 6. Create an alumni-connect structure to assist with job opportunities to those who are new and do not have a network yet. 7. Create an online community radio as a platform for college news and singing talents and other unheard skills. I will redefine the perspective about Student Association so it will not just be viewed as an information desk rather a safe place for students to explore and experiment their ideas.I am now half way there in this marathon and with the support of all the students will finish this race. After which my time to give back to our students community would start. I am looking forward for support for my Slate ‘Students First’ and its cause.

Jeremy Worrall (SWAD)


Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected? (2000 characters max) *
I am running for Casa Loma Campus Director under the slate Students With A Dream. The reason I am running is because I am a rights activist and an advocate for anti-oppressive policy. All of us SWAD wish to continue to provide the students of George Brown with the best possible representation in school politics, activities and events! As far as the SA has come we still have a lot of work to do and if I am in this role I will make sure that it is done right! My policies always focus on job protection, as shown by my by-law to protect student workers wages which in turn protected the SA’s TTC program. I’m also an event planner on the side and will bring a variety of fun events to our campus! A major focus for me as Casa Loma Campus Director will be accessibility, making sure that the everyone in our diverse community at our campus has equitable access to mobility isn’t just part of the SA’s mission statement but a part of how I advocate and build policy. One of the overlooked minorities in our school are parents. I’ve been approached by parents with issues of getting onto elevators with strollers because there is no priority stickers for them on elevators. We need to acknowledge the effort and struggle of these students at Casa Loma and make necessary changes for them, it is a simple fix that can drastically improve mobility for these people. The SA missions statement is clear about inclusion, accessibility, and equality in a safe space and part of that is updating our washroom policies to be gender neutral. This past fall Bill C-16 protected gender identities under the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms and we should move to improve our infrastructure to be inline with Canadian law and values. That means gender neutral washrooms. Not only statistically are they safer but many other universities and colleges have already adopted many more gender neutral washrooms than George Brown. It’s time we make the same necessary changes!

St. James Campus Director

Calvin Bartholomew-Soto (SWAD)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected?
My goal for the St. James Campus Director position is to ensure the students are always aware of the services, opportunities, and events that exist. I would like to show face and let the students feel they can rely on their SJ Campus Director to be a voice for them when they raise concerns or have questions. I strongly believe that if the students are aware of the above 3 goals I have, they will have a great college experience.



Asif Farabi

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected? 
Asif Farabi is running for Campus director. He is currently studying Business Admin. Asif is running for St. James Campus Director. Asif wants to make our campus more accessible. Asif wants to host more events for students so that students can make more friends and connections. He wants to create more tutoring and Resume building session.

Shelly Garcia

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected? 
I am running for this position because I feel as thought i’ll be a prefect candiate to bring awareness to many problematic factors that are at the St James campus, Our study body needs to be more invloved with decision making and utilizing our rescoures. If i am elected I will ensure that all voices are being heard because of the connections and networking I have down before hand. I will work towards improving focusing on that needs to be done with our school community

Waterfront Campus Director

Vanessa Truong                (SWAD)


Arts, Design and Information Technology ECR

Omar Gordon    (SWAD)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected? 
AS ARTS DESIGN AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION CENTER REPRESENTATIVE I WILL • Act on my peer’s behalf by bringing your feedback, issues, and concerns to the Executives responsible and following through to ensure they are being addressed. • Advocate on behalf of students facing issues in respective programs, with the support of the Director Education and Director Equity. • Ensure that students are informed of the services offered by the corporation upcoming events and campaigns.


Business Educational Centre Representative

Amane Abdurhman (SWAD)

Community Services and Early Childhood Education ECR                Mohammad Ali Aumeer

Stephanie Stortz (Students First)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected? 
I am a strong believer in the power of community. Communities are made up of people and for as long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted to do was make a difference. Enrolling in George Brown’s CYC program was a pivotal moment in my life. College is an important stepping stone on the journey to achieve what I have set out to do. That is, to help people. It is my philosophy that in supporting one another and fostering the ideas of unity in equality, we create a foundation upon which future generations can build. In order to see this through, I have to start somewhere and there is no better place to plant the seeds of change; than in our school system. The role of Community Services and Early Childhood Education ECR is one of great importance. This field of study attracts some of the most compassionate and hard working individuals you will have the pleasure of knowing. These are the people who go out into our communities and fight for us. Therefore filling this position, speaking on behalf of my fellow students who seek to in turn speak on behalf of our communities; would be a privilege. In this department we feel strongly about fairness, equity, and advocacy. I hope to embody all of these qualities during my time as ECR and help to maintain and improve upon everything that makes these programs what they are. A field of study dedicated to community. At George Brown College, we are a community of students. So, what better way is there to honor the spirit of community than by putting Students First!


Construction and Engineering Technologies ECR

Tejinder Pal Singh (SWAD)

Health Sciences ECR

Jolie Tadros

Accessibility Representative

Paul Bourgeois  SWAD

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected?
As someone who has been Deaf my entire life, I have an acute awareness of accessibility issues and have always strived to advocate for equality and inclusion. I am currently Canada’s first and only Deaf Interpreting BA student, constantly learning to be a better leader every day through my experiences. For the last two years, I have been lucky to be President of the ASL Club and Captain of the extramurals hockey team. I feel that it is the perfect time for me to take on a bigger challenge to contribute to GBC’s student accessibility experiences. As Accessibility Representative I will be your voice, bringing your concerns to the Executive Board and taking advantage of my knowledge of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) to break down as many barriers as I can for as many students as possible!

Black Students’ Representative

Shayana Gayle (SWAD)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected?
I would like to be the change I want see in my community. I plan on starting a scholarship program for black student. I want to actively bridge the gap between students of colour and others; by planning events and mentorship opportunities that completely meets the needs of the students.

International Students Representative

Erick Almeida Japor (SWAD)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected? 
Coming from another country to Canada is not an easy task. First, it’s hard work just to get ready to come. After international students arrive, they usually face a series of challenges like: English as their second language, anxiety, cultural differences, and the absence of family and friends. My motivation comes from challenges like these that I, myself, faced after arriving in Canada, so I would like to help students that may be struggling with some of those issues. I enjoy meeting and talking to people, and I love solving problems as well. My primary goals as the International Students’ Representative are to: – Advocate a minimum of 15% increase in the number of scholarships and bursaries. – Advocate a minimum of 20% increase in the number of on campus job fairs during the year. – Motivate international students from all campuses to participate in GBC’s events and socialize with different cultures, increasing their network here in Canada. Since I’m every day at the college for a good number of hours, I figured that it would be a great asset if I use my skills to represent my fellow peers. I’m a Peer Tutor at the Tutoring and Learning Centre, both at St. James and Waterfront campus, and a Peer Note Taker at the Accessible Learning Services. This experience helped me improve my interpersonal skills since I’m constantly communicating and helping other students. Besides that, I have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and 10 years of experience in a business environment. The latter will be essential to solve students’ issues and challenges that may arise. Therefore, I strongly believe that I’m the candidate that should receive your vote for the International Students’ Representative.

Aman Kashyap (Students First)


LGBTQ Students’ Representative

Garth Vernon (SWAD)

Why are you running for this position/What would you like to do in this role if you are elected? 
Hi my name is Garth J Vernon and I come from a big a family of 6 siblings, 10 nieces and nephews, a dog and both parents. I am running for the LGBTQ Rep position because I believe the position will allow me to acquire a new set of skills and I’m 100% positive I can make an impact in the lives of the George Brown students in which I will be representing. I come from a background of leadership and I believe this position will further my leadership skills and provide me a broader understanding of what is needed to help make school life a bit easier or to assist in non-school related situations where I can. I’m also running for this position for people who look like me and have my particular background who don’t usually put their faces out there to be the leader or face of anything Queer related, to show everyone we come in a variety of looks shapes and sizes the same as everyone else. If elected I want to be able to get people to not worry about who finds out about their sexuality and how others may react. I believe the more comfortable someone is in their own skin it shows in their self-esteem and the work they put out. This means queer students of all kinds should be able to prosper and complete their studies without any negative interference by faculty or the student body. I’m also going to connect with every individual I come in contact with and help however I can to address their concerns to whom they need to be addressed to if the situation is out of my hands and to make major strides in creating a safe space for all queer and marginalized students.


Woman & Trans Students’ Representative

Manisha Punjabi (SWAD)