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Hi folks I am Aman Sheth, pursuing Strategic Relation Marketing(B409) at St. James campus. With a desire of being successful and with a spirit of being passionately curious after successfully completing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) i have arrived in Canada.

I am a self-motivated Entrepreneur, who is ambitious and innovative in his approach. I initiated and conceptualized a start-up venture through which i could gain several learnings. I am very diligent and practical in my approach and have demonstrated strong leadership traits, by championing the initiation of various college events. For always being forefront in all activities in class and outside the classrooms, my college awarded me with “Best in Leadership Quality” award. I am multilingual, being able to communicate in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and basic Spanish.

I strongly encorage all international students to use the services offered by student association to achieve their goals. Being an International Representive will provide me a platform to showcase my abilities and help you all resolve your problems.



1. What motivated you to run for this position?

It’s the zeal that drives me to see smiling faces around me which has motivated me to run for this position backed up with my leadership qualities that I have displayed at various events in my life. I have always believed that you get what you give to the society so here I am to serve the international students with a belief that I perform the best of my capabilities.


2. What relevant experience do you feel qualifies you for this position?

I have a good amout of experience at leadership as i have spearheaded my university’s cultural festival team for 2 years which gives me the confidence exhibit quality performance I have been associated with George brown college and SA by being an integral part of Students Leadership.


3. If elected, list three primary goals you wish you accomplish during your term.

  • Assist in finding job opportunities on and off campus for all international students.
  •  Ensuring all cultural festivals are celebrated on campus.
  • Organize trips and events throughout the year.


4. What are your main areas of interest in relation to your campus or program?

Being enrolled into Strategic Marketing from St James Campus, my main areas of interest are Marketing, Branding, Analytics, Marketing Research and Corporate Communications. My vision is to effectively use my communication skills to reach out to all the international students to make them aware about SA’s offerrings.


5. George Brown College is a diverse college – in what ways would you strive for representation of ALL students?

I strongly believe in humanity before any gender or colour.  I will not be entertaining any kind of inequalities. Hardworking and passionate individuals will have me by their side at all situations.

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