Photo of Ashley Cammisa (V3: Values| Voices| Virtue) Satellite Campus Director Candidate (Acclaimed)

Personal Biography

Hello, my name is Ashley Cammisa and I am third year student at George Brown College in the Bachelors of Early Childhood Leadership Program. I am a huge advocate for what I believe in and hold strong values toward that. I advocate for the Early Childhood Education Program at Durham College where I obtained my Early Childhood Education Diploma. I also hold great pride in my leadership skills both inside and outside of George Brown College. I’ve had the pleasure of working within the college, through Peerconnect, guiding students through their time at George Brown. I decided to run for Satellite Campus Director due to the fact of the students needing a leader and voice of power. Since these campuses are smaller, they lack the community feel and this is so important while educating yourself and building your future. I plan on making a change within these campuses and showing the George Brown Community that these campuses are just as important as any other. I will be a voice of change for the students at these satellite campuses and I want to make all students feel the sense of community and belonging while they are here at George Brown College.


1) What motivated you to run for this position?

What motivated me to run for this position was being a new student at George Brown College and noticing the lack of community within my campus. There are many students that experience this feeling while on satellite campuses and I am ready to make a change for all the students.


2) What relevant experience do you feel qualifies you for this position?

I qualified for this position because I have been a leader since a very young age. From coaching cheerleading for ten years, to being an on-site supervisor of a child care centre. I have experienced being a voice for others and I am ready to advocate on behalf of these students.


3) If elected, list three primary goals you wish to accomplish during your term.

Upon being elected my three primary goals are to, make it so the students on the satellite campuses have easier access to George Brown events. Also to get a lounge for students on campus and also to listen to the student voice, to what they are in most need of.


4) What are your main areas of interest in relation to your particular campus or program?

My main areas of interest are doing whatever it takes to make sure these students feel the sense of community. To make it so they are no longer a second thought but a primary thought just like the larger campuses. To give the students a voice, it is most of the time lost in the bigger picture.


5) George Brown is a diverse college — in what ways would you strive for representation of ALL students?

I plan on reaching out to all the students at these satellite campuses and give them a chance to voice their needs and wants. We are a very diverse college, with that being said I believe everyone’s opinions are equal and should be voiced.

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