Photo of Brittney Da Costa (Act Now!): Director of Campus Life Candidate

Personal Biography

Yayyy! It’s time for this again. As this is my second time running in the SA elections, it feels very nostalgic. Not much has changed from winning last years’ elections. However, I am now in my third year of the Business Administration, Marketing program and I have gained so much knowledge of the Student Association over the past year. When I decided to pursue candidacy last year, I knew very little about what I was getting into. Now I am well versed in the governance of the SA, the protocols, and the organization as a whole and I am excited to continue the work I’ve accomplished thus far. I consider myself to be a natural born leader, in addition to every personality test I do, I always get the leadership qualities that any member of the Board of Directors needs as tools for success. I am determined, calculated, detail oriented, organized and most of all passionate. A quote that I live by is, “I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.” By: Robert H. Schuller


1. What motivated you to run for this position?
I am motivated to run for this position because I am known for my leadership qualities, the sunshine I bring to the Student Association and my personal love for the Student Association. These are the attributes that I want to bring back to the SA for another year.


2. What relevant experience do you feel qualifies you for this position?
I feel I qualify for this position because I have a year of being in this role and I know exactly what it takes to represent the students of GBC. I have learned patience and a great deal of listening skills to continue this experience.


3. If elected, list three primary goals you wish to accomplish during your term.
a) Continue to bring SA Awareness.
b) Encourage event variety and promotion of events.
c) Create the best possible experience for you when you graduate.

4. What are your main areas of interest in relation to your particular campus or program?
I currently study at St. James in the Marketing program. My program allows me to successfully identify the reachable areas where we can involve students that
would otherwise be unreachable.


5. George Brown is a diverse college — in what ways would you strive for representation of ALL students?
I love everyone. In knowing that, I already have that idea of inclusivity and creating a safer space for every individual, regardless of where they come from. I will be implementing a lot of surveys to get real feedback.

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