Photo of Chioma Ogbonna (Act Now!): Hospitality and Culinary Arts Representative Candidate (Acclaimed)

Personal Biography

No biography provided.


1)   What motivated you to run for this position?

What motivated me to run for this position is Britney, after she nominated me to run for hospitality rep i was very honoured. i started looking up what my responsibility are and i new that this position was for me.


2)   What relevant experience do you feel qualifies you for this position?

The relevant experience i have to qualify for this position is my leadership skills.


3)   If elected, list three primary goals you wish to accomplish during your term.

I wish to accomplish more hospitality related events in the school, i would like to talk to the school about some changes i feel that we need, and more ways to help the international student that are in the hospitality program.


4)   What are your main areas of interest in relation to your particular campus or program?

My main area of interest would be planning events, helping students who have complains  or suggestions to make the program better.


5)   George Brown is a diverse college — in what ways would you strive for representation of ALL students?

I would strive to be a great listing ear to every student who comes up to me and try to help them as much as i can. Also i would be the voice that they need to help the hospitality program be great.

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