NewView is a mental wellness support group for students. It is a resource for students who suffer from mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and school stress to come seek support from peers. It is a place to share stories, build connections, listen, share helpful resources, laugh, cry or express any emotions that may come up.  It is a place to open up about those areas in our lives that are normally suppressed and difficult to share. Interactions like these build genuine connections and help those who suffer to feel less alienated and isolated.

This group will facilitate meetings once a week at the St. James Campus. There will also be an online component in the form of a Facebook page and an Instagram. These online platforms are resources to summarize topics for those who may not be able to attend the meetings. They are also a great social platform to share ideas and to connect all members online. This will allow students who are members of the group to reach out to one another outside of meeting times.


Shannon Grant,

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