NewView Collective ( is a student-run, Mental Wellness support group for students at George Brown College. It is a resource for those who suffer from mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and school stress to come seek support from peers. It is also for those who may not experience mental health ailments personally, but are affected by those who do.

 NewView currently facilitates weekly support meetings at the St. James campus. We focus on creating a supportive environment by bringing people together who share similar experiences, as a means of reducing feelings of isolation. This is a space where students can both seek support and also give back by providing support for others. Together, we share experiences in hopes of inspiring each other to own our stories instead of being ashamed by them. The stigma of mental health is a stubborn one but we have seen it dissolve in our meetings, and this is a beautiful thing to experience.

 We want to reignite feelings of self-confidence, which is too often taken from those of us who struggle with our mental health. We want to empower each other so we can truly believe in ourselves again, and make positive improvements in our lives. We strive to heighten feelings of self-awareness so that we can be strong, positive influencers for those around us… but more importantly, be better for ourselves. Sometimes as students, we don’t need professional help or a diagnosis, we just need to be connected to others who understand and are willing to listen.

 There are online components in the form of a Facebook page (NewView Collective), an Instagram account (@newviewcollective) and most recently Twitter (@newviewofficial). These online platforms are a means of sharing relevant and inspirational content related to mental health, to help keep us moving forward every single day.


Shannon Grant,

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