Academic Advocacy

The Academic Advocacy Program provides students with support and advice related to academic issues and student life. The service is available to all students of GBC through all of our offices. The program team is composed of a Senior Coordinator, a Coordinator and part time staff. The Senior Coordinator oversees cases from programs taught in Casa Loma, Ryerson and St. James. The Coordinator is responsible for programs from the centre of Health Sciences at Water Front. The part time staff are trained and supervised by the Senior Coordinator and they operate between CL and SJ.

The Academic Advocacy staff has a mediating role in academic issues. The main responsibility of the staff is to guide students through the College’s policies and processes, explain their rights and responsibilities, and provide referrals to the right services students need.

Students seeking support from the program can inquire at the Member Services desk where they will be provided with an intake form. Once the intake form is filled out, the Academic Advocacy staff available on site will see the student for an initial assessment. In case there is no one from the program on site, the Member Services Staff will let the student know that we will contact them within 48 hours, the intake form is placed in our mailbox and an email is sent to the Senior Coordinator with the update for follow up.

Students can also contact us through our hotline x 6320 or All follow ups happen within 48 hours and are documented in our database.