a photo of Sheldon Mortimer - Director of Equity andidate
A photo of Sheldon Mortimer – Director of Equity andidate

Personal biography

I am a 4th semester special event management student, who is openly queer identified, a visible minority, and has struggled with mental health issues. When graduating high school, I graduated with over 300 community service hours. Since then, my passion for being involved in the community and volunteering has only grown.  Last term, I had the pleasure of being Student Association’s LGBTQ Students Representative. Before running for this position, I had sensed a lack of support for the LGBTQ constituency which inspired me to start the SAVÉ (Safe and Active Voices through Empowerment) club. During my term as the LGBTQ Representative, I have connected with marginalized students in a fun and engaging way through the creation of Genderful, the SA’s first consecutive queer dance party, and SAVÉ. My experience as a peer coach has helped me grow personally and connect with other marginalized voices on campus. I talk openly about my experiences and can relate to students who have experienced any form of discrimination, prejudice, or stigma. My name is Sheldon Mortimore and I would like to be your next Director of Equity.


1)   What motivated you to run for this position?

My passion for social engagement allows me to understand experiences of marginalized students. My first semester I knew nobody, since second semester I have been on a mission to create a community that is safe, accepting, open, honest, and caring. It helps to know you are not alone!


2)   What relevant experience do you feel qualifies you for this position?

All my life I have faced discrimination and prejudice, in many different forms. In my own intersectional experiences with racism, homophobia, and mental health, I am now able to speak up when faced with discrimination. I will use this voice to speak up for the marginalized students on campus.


3)   If elected, list three primary goals you wish to accomplish during your term.

If elected Director of Equity I will

  • Work with constituency representatives, and campus directors to develop an outreach strategy that will span across all campuses.
  • Develop a needs assessment for each constituency
  • Remain vocal about the value, importance of the constituencies, and respect for these communities


4)   What are your main areas of interest in relation to your particular campus or program?

My main area of interest is community for students who feel alone. I will build on the community that is already here, to create a safer, more accepting, and positive environment for all marginalized students through student engagement, and collaboration.


5)   George Brown is a diverse college — in what ways would you strive for representation of ALL students?

Diversity is so important. It enables us to us to grow as we learn from the different ways of life. To support a diverse student population, I will remain neutral, open, and inviting while listening to the experiences of individual students.

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