Do you love social networks? You might be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but how about socializing in real time? Joining or forming a club is a great way to bring back the face-to-face contact that’s missing from your life – without all the glitches and expensive hardware!

Join or start a student-run club around anything from personal interests to social movements to your field of study. This is your chance to interact with a wide variety of people, expand your skill set or find a new interest.

All official clubs and associations are supported and funded by the Student Association. They receive benefits such as club funding, free use of Student Association and College spaces for meetings and great opportunities to collaborate on events and activities.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3
1.) Find one (1) common interest or belief that you share with at least ten other students.
2.) Fill out our online form, pick up a Clubs package at any Student Association office or download it here: Clubs Application. Make sure to make two (2) copies, one to keep for your records and one to submit.
3.) Submit your completed package  to any of the three (3) Student Association offices.



Cameron Wathey
Clubs Coordinator
St. James Campus, 200 King Street East. Room 147