Are course outlines important?

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Who would have thought that a course outline could make or break your grade? Many of us don’t even attend that first class.

  1. Course outlines are central to your success in class, they ensure that what is written is being delivered
  2. Professors are responsible to inform you about course expectations and deliverables through course outlines to ensure you meet your educational needs and program requirements
  3. Course outlines identify due dates and breakdown of grades for your assignments within the course
  4. Course outlines describe the expectations and outcomes or what you are supposed to learn within the course
  5. Keep your course outlines throughout the course as well as copies of assignments as proof in case there are any concerns regarding grading or changes within the course delivery/structure that should not be occurring without notice from the teacher
  6. If you feel that any information within the course outline was not met, delivered, or violated, you have every right to have that concern addressed
  7. If you have any accessibility needs for your educational success you must inform faculty as they are also committed to providing you a road to success

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