Photo of Vanessa Truong: Preparatory and Liberal Arts Representative Candidate (Acclaimed)

Personal biography

Hello! My name is Vanessa Truong and I am currently in the Pre-Health science program. So far, my experience at George Brown College has been nothing less than amazing. Although my program is only a year long, I do not feel limited of the opportunities available to be involved with in the college. Currently, I am a part of the student leadership academy where I volunteered at on-campus events like the winter 2017 orientation and service fairs. I have really enjoyed these experiences because I love to be social and share my knowledge to help in any way. Whether it’s course work or just navigating through the academic year, I try my best to help my peers whenever I can. I find it important to be an active student myself so I can have the full college experience, contributing and strengthening the school community. With every new opportunity I take up, it motivates me to push myself and take on new roles like now, running as a student representative for the preparatory and liberal studies.


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