Your Student Association of George Brown College staff are here to help you! Our team of dedicated full-time staff helps to deliver programs and services in a cost effective and efficient manner. We are always happy to receive input and feedback from you, the student.


Position Name E-Mail Extension #
General Manager  Vacant
Operations manager Faris Lehn 416-415-5000 x2295
Manager, equity & advocacy Rosalyn Miller 416-415-5000 x2847
Interim finance co-ordinator Galina Chible 416-415-5000 x6381
Finance co-ordinator Avez Hasham 416-415-5000 x2856 
Finance assistant Vacant  ———————–
Internal co-ordinator Jessica Pasion 416-415-5000 x6704
Publications & communications co-ordinator Mick Sweetman 416-415-5000 x2764
Facilities co-ordinator Jason Beeston 416-415-5000 x2721
Senior co-ordinator, events and marketing Neil Cumberbatch 416-415-5000 x6156
Hospitality co-ordinator Linzee Exner 416-415-5000 x6313
Senior co-ordinator, member services Yukiko Ito 416-415-5000 x6380
Senior co-ordinator, academic advocacy Vacant 416-415-5000 x6319
Academic advocacy co-ordinator Mohammad Sarker 416-415-5000 x6377
Community services co-ordinator Ronnie Cruz 416-415-5000 x2787
Clubs & student involvement co-ordinator Russ Adade 416-415-5000 x6003
Community Action Centre co-ordinator Michelle Pettis 416-415-5000 x2439
Legal counsel Bill Reid 416-415-5000 x2845
Graphic designer Yaw Okyere 416-415-5000 x2444
Member services support staff Cherry Ding  ———————–
Member services support staff Merdy Jane Calling On leave  ———————–
Member services support staff Angel Khatami  ———————–
Member services support staff Shavaughn Thompson ———————–
Member services support staff Khaliq Martin ———————–
Member services support staff Emma Fullante ———————–
Facilities support staff Dennis Knowles 416-415-5000 x6378/6397
Facilities support staff Jose Barrios 416-415-5000 x6378/6397
 IT consultant  Danny Sadovsky  416-415-5000 x4025