Booking Requests

Rooms are usually FREE to book!

3 Types of Booking Requests Available:

—Student Association Space

—George Brown Campus Space

—Clubs Room: Room 175D, Main Lobby St James campus, 5:00 – 10:00 PM, Tuesdays – Fridays

Student Association Space Available:

—St James Kings Lounge

—St James Quiet Lounge

—Casa Loma Games Room/Lounge

—Casa Loma E116

—Casa Loma Boardroom

—Waterfront Boardroom

—Waterfront Lounge Rooms

Process to Follow:

  1. Send an e-mail to the Clubs Coordinator at on the type of room required.
  2. Include all relevant details when booking a room, including: the name of the club, time, day of the week, how long you would need the room for and if food will be served.
  3. All space must be booked a minimum of 10 days in advance.
  4. Remember to include setup and takedown times within your booking request.


  1. You will be contacted via e-mail once your booking is confirmed.
  2. For George Brown Campus bookings, the SA Clubs Coordinator will forward you a room booking confirmation from the College via email.
  3. Use this email as proof for the room booking for security purposes.


  1. Student Groups can book a maximum of two rooms per week between September to May.
  2. A room is booked one semester at a time.
  3. The Student Association’s office and spaces are closed on weekends.
  4. You CAN still book space after hours such as the Kings Lounge and Games Room however you have to pay a staff fee ($15 an hour, minimum of 3 hour shift) & set up fee ($50).

Table Requests

  • Clubs can also book a table to outreach and promote their club to student
  • Clubs can book a table to fundraise too such hosting a bake sale.
  • Locations for tabling:
    • Hallway in front of Kings Lounge, St James Campus
    • Lower Lobby, St James Campus
    • Cafeteria next to Games Room, Casa Loma Campus
    • Cafeteria on the 2nd Floor, Casa Loma Campus
    • Main Lobby, Waterfront Campus
  • To book a table contact the Clubs Coordinator at and the Internal Coordinator at