Date(s) - 08/03/2019
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Kings Lounge, St. James A Building, Room 150


Friday, March 8
6 p.m, to 10 p.m.
Kings Lounge
St. James A Building, Room 150
200 King St. East

The purpose of this event is to celebrate the achievements of women and equip attendees with the knowledge and skills for success. The IWD 2019 theme is Balance for Better. We will analyze industry barriers and discuss pathways to overcome those barriers.

Speakers Panel and Performers

Ainka Jess
Shes4Sports Founder
Ainka Jess is passionate about communications and empowering women. She combined her love of sport and over 10 years of communications and media relations experience to launch She’s4Sports in 2016. The Network brings women together to have a larger voice in sports, through digital content and events.

Her career has also led her to provide strategic communications and media relations support to various organizations including the CBC, Manulife, City of Ottawa and now PricewaterhouseCoopers. Ainka has a degree in English from York University and a diploma in Broadcast Television from Seneca College.

Avra Fainer
Performance Coach
As a Performance & Presentation Mentor, Avra deliver coaching that addresses presentation skills, psychology, physiology, productivity, people skills, and purpose – working toward the overall goal of helping people to perform at their highest potential over the long-term. She also a musical theatre performer with over 20 years’ experience. With her background in theatre and deep appreciation of the human journey, Avra offer an original response to today’s quest in the business world for creativity and innovation.

As the Change Lead for Job & Position Management, Avra play a key role in ensuring change initiatives meet objectives on time and on budget by increasing employee adoption and usage. She focus on the people side of change, including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organization structures.

Britta B
Spoken Word performer
A proud and recognizable resident of Toronto’s Regent Park, Britta B. has made a name for herself as a spoken word poet both in competitive and feature performances nationwide, including the National Poetry Slam and Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. She’s also held the Toronto International Poetry Slam championship title while representing Toronto at the Woman of the World Poetry Slam.

Britta features as a lead cast member in the musical and award winning documentary film, The Journey, based on the revitalization of Regent Park. She has spoken at several TEDx events including TEDxDistilleryDistrictWomen and has had numerous performances on the St. Lawrence Center for the Arts’ stage for Dwayne Morgan’s production of When Sisters Speak. Most recently, Britta toured across Canada as the resident poet for the second installment of Ask Her Talks presented by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Giselle Kovary
President of N-Gen
As president and co-founder of n-gen People Performance, Giselle Kovary is dedicated to building strategies and programs that help clients target, motivate and engage employees in order to increase performance and productivity. She is a sought after resource to industry leaders, having worked with 18 of the top Fortune 500 companies across North America, and over 60,000 people globally have experienced an n-gen workshop or presentation. With close to 20 years of experience in learning and development, she has devoted more than fifteen years to researching the impact that generational differences have on organizational performance.

Tee Scott
Artist, Singer Songwriter
Tee.Scott is an artist Out of Pickering and is currently residing in Toronto. She has developed her skills through various choirs and musicals. This has shaped Tee.Scott’s unique sound. She is currently working on various projects and is perfecting her craft and will be releasing new music and videos for her listeners.