How can I use the insurance?

All full-time domestic post-secondary and ESL students are able to use their insurance once they start school, you need to print out your insurance card online through the WeSpeakStudent website.

Your drug, dental, and extended health care claims are paid by ClaimSecure. When making a pay direct drug/dental claim, the pharmacy/dentist will need to know the following:

  • Group Number: 510000x
  • Provider: ClaimSecure
  • Your Student ID # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ GBC (The last 7 digits of your student id number followed by GBC)

Example: If the last 7 digits of your student ID # are 7654321, the correct ID # would be 7654321GBC
For all Dental Inquiries, please call 1-888-513-4464 (toll free).

What is my drug and vision coverage?

   All full time domestic post-secondary and ESL students are covered under the Balanced Plan automatically, you also have the option of changing your Balanced Plan to the plan that suits your needs the most. Once the deadline has passed you are no longer allowed to change your plan. Please note that the plan that you choose is valid for the entire academic year and cannot be changed until the following September.

There are four types coverage to choose from:

  1. Balanced Plan
  2. Enhanced drug Plan
  3. Enhanced dental Plan
  4. Enhanced extended health care Plan

Depending on the plan you choose, the percentage of the coverage will be different. For example if you choose Enhanced Drug Plan the coverage percentage for medication will be higher than the dental and extended portions.

Please see the Health Benefits Booklet and visit the WeSpeakStudent website. to find out more details about your plan.

Is acupuncture covered under the plan?

  No, unfortunately acupuncture is not covered under your plan.

Are orthodontics covered under the plan?

  No, unfortunately orthodontics is not covered under your plan.

Are contraceptives or “birth control” covered under the plan?

  Yes. Please check for more details in your benefits booklet.

Are hospital accommodations covered for domestic post-secondary students?

  No, hospital accommodations are not covered under this plan. It would be covered under your OHIP.

Are naturopaths covered under the plan?

  Yes, naturopaths are covered under your plan.

How do I find out if a particular medication is covered?

  Please call WeSpeakStudent at 416-216-0296 or 1-800-315-1108 (toll free). You can also check through your e-profile once you register.

For other services, how do I submit a claim?

 You can submit your claim on-line, please refer to the WeSpeakStudent website  to find out more details about the claiming process.

For Health Care providers who cannot directly bill the insurance company, you will have to pay upfront for services. However, you can submit a claim to get reimbursed after. Below is the information you need to provide when claiming:

  • Your Group Number: 510000
  • Provider: ClaimSecure
  • Your Student ID # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ GBC (The last 7 digits of your student id number followed by GBC)

Example: If the last 7 digits of your student ID # are 7654321, the correct ID # would be 7654321GBC

* If you are mailing your claim, please mail your prescription drug/dental/extended health care claim directly to ClaimSecure at: ClaimSecure Inc., P.O. Box 6500, Station A, Sudbury, ON, P3A 5N5.

When submitting a claim form by mail, make sure:

  • Your claim form is complete, signed and dated properly.
  • Original receipts must be attached.
  • Please note you need to keep a copy of the receipts as you will submit the originals to Claim Secure.

When are the deadlines to choose my plan, opt-in, opt-out and add family members to my coverage?

The deadline for choosing the plan that is best for you, opting-in, opting-out or adding family members to your coverage is Oct.11, 2018 for students starting in the fall 2018 and Feb.7, 2019 for students starting in the winter 2019.

Can I cancel my insurance if I don’t want it?

Yes, but only if you have alternative insurance coverage from your spouse, your parents, or from your work. The Dental and Extended plan is mandatory and you cannot cancel it without having an equivalent level of insurance elsewhere.

Please note, any opt-out applications will not be accepted after the deadline and students are only eligible to opt-out in the initial semester of your school year.

I applied to opt-out of the plan but I have not received my refund yet?

  If you paid your tuition fees in full at the start of the school year and have opted-out, you might receive a refund cheque issued by George Brown College to your mailing address. However, if you paid some but not all of your tuition fees and were able to opt-out, the refund will be deducted from the unpaid tuition fees. In this case, your GBC financial account balance will be less than the previous balance. If you are still unsure, please come to a Student Association office and we will help you find out the status of your refund.

Am I covered if I’m traveling outside Canada?

Emergency Out-of-Province Coverage and Assistance is provided by AIG Insurance Company of Canada under the policy number: SRG9426406

When does my coverage end?

   Regardless of being a September or January start student, your coverage ends on August 31 or upon you withdrawal from the program.