Please note that students are only eligible to opt-out during their initial semester for that school year.


Opt-out instructions

You may decline coverage for the health and dental plan by October 11, 2018, if you are enrolled in the fall semester; or Feb. 7, 2019, if you’re post-secondary program begins in the winter semester, by visiting to complete your online opt-out. Please be aware no paper opt-out forms are available. If you need assistance please contact a Student Association office.

Please note: After these dates there will be no refunds issued even if health or dental coverage was never used.

Make sure to opt-out from both the dental plan and the extended medical plan. If you do not have both a dental plan and an extended medical plan with your current insurance provider, you are not eligible to opt-out.

When filling out the opt-out application form online, please make sure that you know the correct policy number and the name of your insurance provider. Failure to provide the correct policy number and the name of your insurance provider will result in the rejection of the opt-out application. For example, if you put “Local 92″ as your insurance company name; your application will be rejected, because this is not an insurance company name. If you are covered as a dependent under another health insurance plan, the relationship between you and the primary insurance holder must be clearly stated. This means spouse, mother, father, etc. If you are the policy holder, please write in “myself” as the policy holder.

Please note: you are not eligible to opt-out if you only have OHIP or OHIP & Trillium Drug Plan, because OHIP or Trillium Drug Plan does not have extended health and dental benefits. In order to successfully opt-out, you must have BOTH dental and extended medical coverage on your plan.


Important information that you need to know after opting-out

  • Once you have completed the online form, you will receive the opt-out confirmation email (please do not delete this email). In addition, please print the confirmation page and keep it. The confirmation page has the application number, so you can use this number to follow up regarding your application if you do not receive the confirmation email.
  • If you provide an email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo in your opt-out application, the confirmation might go to your junk mail folder. Please make sure to check your junk mail folder. However, if you cannot find your confirmation email at all, please contact the Student Association offices as soon as possible before the opt-out deadline.
  • Sometime during mid-to-late October for the fall and March for the winter semester, George Brown College will start mailing out refund cheques or crediting your STU-VIEW account for the fee that was initially charged.
  • The opt-out is recurrent, therefore you do not have to opt-out every year. Please note that once you opt-out, you will be permanently opted-out. Therefore, if you graduate from your program and have returned for a new program, you will still be opted-out of the Health and Dental Plan.
  • Students have 31 days from the loss of alternative coverage to notify a Student Association office in order to be covered under the student Health and Dental Plan.

If you are having trouble filling out the online application OR if you cannot access the website, please contact a Student Association office before the opt-out deadline. We will help you fill out the online application. Furthermore, it is not a valid excuse to say that you could not access the website or you made errors while filling out the application when trying to opt-out of the student Health and Dental Plan.


We are happy to assist you, so please feel free to contact us.

Health Benefits Hotline: 416-415-5000 ext. 2443

Office locations:

St. James: Room 147 (Student Association)
Casa Loma: Room E100 (Student Association)
Ryerson: SHE614 (SHE Building)
Waterfront: Room 033 (Concourse Level)