This plan is for international students studying at George Brown College in the ESL program. It is an OHIP alternative plan with medical services offered through WeSpeakStudent.


What do I have to do when I need to make a medical visit?

It is highly recommend that students contact WeSpeakStudent by 1-800-315-1108 before you visit a doctor, walk-in clinic, x-rays or hospital visits. This allows WeSpeakStudent to help in setting up your appointment.

If I didn’t contact WeSpeakStudent and paid the doctor visit fee myself, what should I do?

You need to submit a claim for reimbursement, and please note:

  • All claims must be submitted by MAIL ONLY
  • If you have been issued an invoice for outstanding payment, you can include the unpaid invoice along with a completed claim form and indicate on page 2 of the Health Care Claim form that payment should be made directly to the health care provider.
  • You are responsible for any fees charged for completing this form or issuing supporting documentation.


STEP 1: Download the Claim Form at under Booklets & Forms, or visit Student Association office to ask for the claim form

  • You can also contact WeSpeakStudent at: 416-216-0296 (Local) and 1-800-315-1108 (Toll Free) for assistance with the Claim Form

STEP 2: Complete the claim form and mail the form with the original receipts and/or invoice. Make sure to keep photocopies for yourself. The mailing address is on the form.

Please be sure to include on the claim form: your policy number, certificate number and current mailing address

  • Your Group Policy Number is: 100011335
  • Provider: Special Markets Solutions
  • Your certificate number is your Student ID

*Please be advised that any documentation fees will not be covered under the insurance plan

*Incomplete claim forms will be returned to you and this will delay the processing of your claim submission. 

Do I need approval if I will be staying overnight in hospital or scheduled for outpatient surgery?

Yes. If you will have an expense for scheduled confinement in a hospital or scheduled surgery, including outpatient surgery, Notification of this claim must be submitted to the Insurer for approval THREE (3) days in advance of the date you will be admitted. 

What should I do if I have medical emergencies?

If it is a medical emergency, proceed directly to the hospital. If you are admitted overnight, please contact WeSpeakStudent at: 416-216-0296 (Local) and 1-800-315-1108 (Toll Free).

Please provide your information to the representative as below:

  • Your Group Policy Number is: 100011335
  • Provider: Special Markets Solutions
  • Your certificate number is your Student ID 

How to file an accident claim


In the event of accidental, death or dismemberment claim, you MUST call the insurer at 1-800-266-5667

Have the following information ready to provide:

  • Name of the person insured
  • Policy number
  • Type of accident
  • Date of accident and/or death

The claim forms and instructions will be sent to you at that time.

I have registered in the ESL program for a year. How come I don’t receive the insurance for a year?

This is because the plan is offered based on the session period. The ESL program is held for 8 weeks per session, therefore our plan is designed to match the program. Your plan is renewed per session as long as you are register. You must come to the Student Association front office to pick up your insurance card.

When should I pick up the card?

Your health insurance card will be available in the office the fourth week of your class start. Please bring your student ID card at the same time. You can use the same card as long as you continue to study in ESL program without any break.  

Can I add family members to the plan?

Yes, coverage for dependents including your spouse and/or children is available for purchase at an additional cost. You must complete a dependent application form available at any of the Student Association offices by the deadline, which is 9 business days after school starts.

Are dental services covered?

International ESL students are only covered for specific dental procedures if performed in an operating room by a dental surgeon.

Are prescription glasses covered?

No, prescription glasses are not covered under the plan.

Is prescription medicine covered?

Prescription medicine only be covered if student is admitted to the hospital. There’s no prescription coverage for refill after hospital discharge or from any medical physician.

Is there any contact number I can call for everything medical concerned?

Yes. Please contact WeSpeakStudent Toll Free: 1-800-315-1108 or having a Live Chat with a representative by click: