This plan is for international students studying at George Brown College and who are enrolled in a post-secondary program. It is an OHIP replacement plan with medical services, offered under We Speak Student.

What do I have to do when I need to make a medical visit?

    1. For non-urgent medical conditions, visit a clinic to avoid long wait times.
    2. Before you go, always call the facility to check if you need an appointment.
    3. Contact Morcare at 416-216-5735 / 1-888-985-1552 to connect to Intrepid 24/7 to facilitate your access to a provider
    4. Bring your wallet card, claim form and student ID to avoid paying up front once Intrepid 24/7 sets up your visit. NOTE – Coverage is up to the benefit maximum. Other fees or costs may apply to you.
    5. For a medical emergency, contact Emergency Assistance.
    6. If your condition is life threatening, visit a hospital emergency room or call 911

How do I claim using your Extended Health Plan?

Please visit:
Create your own account to be able to submit online your claim for your dental, vision, drug, and paramedical services expense.

How do I claim using your OHIP Alternative Plan?

These claims must be submitted by mail only.

      • Your Group Policy Number is: 100011335
      • Provider: Special Markets Solutions
      • Your certificate number is your Student ID

You can download your claim forms at
Please ensure that if you pay any expenses yourself, you obtain original receipts and mail complete forms to the address on the form.

What is the drug, dental, and vision coverage?

Your drug, dental, and vision plan varies depending on the type of extended plan you choice. Keep in mind your Insurance Plan have 4 types of Extended Coverage that you can choose from.

      1. Balanced Plan (Auto-Enrolled)
      2. Enhanced Drug Plan
      3. Enhanced Dental Plan
      4. Enhanced Extended Health Care Plan

To find details about the 4 types of extended coverage; please visit:

NOTE: There is a deadline to select the Extended Coverage you want. Please make sure the deadline by visiting one of Student Association Office or call at 416-415-5000 Ext. 2443.

Is massage therapy covered under the insurance plan?

Yes, massage therapy is covered under the plan. Please note that you must obtain a referral note from your family doctor stating that you requires massage therapy otherwise it will not be covered under the plan.

Is acupuncture covered under the plan?

No, acupuncture is not covered under the plan.

Are orthodontics covered under the plan?

  No, Orthodontics are not covered under the plan.

Are contraceptives or “birth control” covered under the plan?

  Yes, the coverage varies depending on the type of Extended Coverage plan you choice.

Are naturopaths covered under the plan?

  Yes, naturopaths are covered under the plan.

How do I find out if a particular medication is covered?

  Please call We Speak Student at (416) 216-5735 or Toll Free: 1-888-985-1552 have the medication DIN# (your doctor or pharmacist can provide you with this number).

Can I cancel my insurance if I don’t want it?

  No, you cannot cancel your health insurance plan unless you are under the government plan as it is a mandatory fee that is included to your tuition fee. If you are under the governmental plan, such as OHIP, please contact a Student Association Office.

Am I covered if I’m traveling outside Canada?

 Yes. Out of Province coverage is under at AIG Insurance Company of Canada under policy #:SRG9426406 Outside the country Travel Medical Emergency Insurance is available under Global Excel. For assistance dial 1-877-207-5018 within Canada and the United States or call collect +819-566-3940 when traveling outside Canada and the United States.

When does my coverage end?

  Regardless of September or January start students, your coverage ends on Aug. 31 but if you withdraw from the program, you are no longer eligible as this plan is only for students in George Brown College.