Opt-In Rules and Regulations


If you have successfully opted-out in the past, the college will revise your student account and you will not be charged the Health and Dental Plan fee for the following years. Therefore if you do not have alternative benefits anymore, you have 31 days from the loss of your alternative benefits to inform the Student Association front office to reinstate the student Health and Dental Plan.

Students who have opted-out in the past and are returning to George Brown College for a new program or school year have their student Health and Dental benefits reinstated during the initial semester of your program or school year.

If you have had reinstated the plan in the past, it does not mean that you will be automatically reinstated on the plan for the next year. You should come to the Student Association front office every year to reinstate your plan.

Opt-in Instructions for the International Plan

Please contact at any Student Association front office during the 1st week or at the very beginning of the initial semester for your program or start date.

Step 1: Please complete the Rescind Waiver form online.

Step 2: Provide a letter of termination from your previous insurance provider as a proof that you are no longer covered from your previous insurance provider. Submit this letter to the Student Association Office located near your campus or email the soft copy of the letter to healthbenefits@sagbc.ca Please keep in mind without this letter your application will not be processed.

Step 3: Once the opt-in application is approved by the Senior Coordinator of Member Services; you as a student is required to pay for the Student Health Benefits Premium. You must come to a Student Association Office to pay the opt-in fee. The office accepts debit/credit, certified cheque or money order. Cash is not accepted. A certified cheque or money order must be made out to the “Student Association Office of George Brown College.”

Since you did not have the plan previously, George Brown College did not charge your student account for health benefits. Please note that fees may vary depending on the term of enrolment.

Student Association Locations

St. James Campus: Room 147 (Student Association)
Casa Loma Campus: Room E100 (Student Association)
Ryerson Campus: SHE614 (SHE Building)
Waterfront Campus: 033 (Concourse Level)
Health Benefits Hotline: 416-415-5000 ext. 2443
E-mail: healthbenefits@sagbc.ca