Need housing?

Finding off-campus housing can be difficult and time consuming. With a low vacancy rate in Toronto, we have created this service to help you know your rights.

Tenant Resources

Renting a place to live (PDF)

This resource offers basic information to tenants about how much rent a landlord can charge, deposits and payments a tenant might have to make before moving in, and other rules landlords and tenants must follow. There is also information about discrimination, moving out, taking legal action if a landlord breaks the rules, and where to get referral information in many languages.

What tenants need to know about the law (PDF)

This resource gives an overview of some of the most important aspects of the Residential Tenancies Act. Topics covered include rent increases, deposits and other charges, repairs and maintenance, discrimination, privacy, moving out, and eviction.

Web Tool for Renters with Roommates (WEB)

An interactive web tool to help people in different kinds of shared rental arrangements find out which laws apply to their situation and what their rights and responsibilities are.

For additional information about your rights as a tenant please visit Community Legal Education Ontario.

We also have a lawyer on staff to give you free legal advice on any landlord/tenant issues or other legal issues that you might have. For more information on our free legal advice service please click here.