November 1, 2017

Our students want to know where the negotiations are at the moment. We are asking for the College to be more transparent and provide more information on a regular basis. These questions were given to the Executives directly from our membership:

  1. In terms of the tuition refund petition that is circulating online, is there any support or say regarding that from the College?
  2. The College needs to account for the tuition fee that students paid in the beginning of the semester. Teachers were scheduled to work x number of hours for the semester. Since the teachers are not teaching and not getting paid from the College, where is our tuition fee money going to?
  3. What are the options already being discussed as to how the College and faculty going to address the missed classes. Are they going to condense the materials, are they going to give assignments instead of exams (depending on the program), are they going to extend the semester? The students need to know so they can start planning accordingly. It’s very difficult when you have no clue as to what might happen. It is easier for students to deal with the stress of the strike if they have a clearer picture of what it could be like once the strike is over.
  4. Why did some teachers ask their students to still submit assignments even when the strike is on? Will students be penalized with late marks if they don’t?
  5. Will the College send the enrollment confirmation to OSAP as scheduled to avoid delay on OSAP disbursement in January?
  6. What are the ramifications of this strike on our OSAP loan? If we do not finish first semester on time, what can happen to our OSAP funds? Will OSAP hold the release of the January funds until the completion of the first semester?
  7. What supports will be in place for students when the strike is over and classes resume? For example, extended TLC hours for those working on assignments/preparing for exams.
  8. How does this affect tuition?
  9. How will this affect the vacation period? The next semester? The 7-week courses? When will the December break be?
  10. What can students do in this situation?
  11. Need to address the issue of the ability to drop a class. Is it still possible for students to drop? Will the deadline be moved? Will students be stuck with their classes because the deadline has passed?