Please note, all applications submitted will need at least a cover letter and a resume outlining the interest in the position. Some job postings may require additional documents such as an essay and or a portfolio.

Need help writing your cover letter and or tailoring your resume? Check out the Career Services at your campus (St. James Campus Rm B155, Casa Loma Campus Rm C317, and Waterfront Campus Rm 017) and book an appointment!


Part-time SA student employment opportunities (Current GBC students)

Safewalk Walker – Deadline March 7, 2017
Safe Walkers will promote to students, college staff and faculty on campus about the SafeWalk program, and will perform walk accompaniment duties to students, staff and visitors when requested. Walkers will work in co-ed teams to walk individuals within a 2 KM radius to local parking spaces, other campus buildings and to TTC stops.

Full-time and other part-time SA employment opportunities


Volunteer opportunities

The Dialog: Arts & Life reporter Ongoing
Volunteers for our Arts & Life section can cover and/or review films, albums, live concerts, theatre performances, books, food, restaurants, dance, art exhibitions, fashion, sex, dating, relationships, health, and other aspects of Arts and Life both on campus and in the community. Volunteers will not be paid but will receive review copies and press access to events.

The Dialog: News reporter Ongoing
Reporters play a key role in our student community. They gather information and prepare stories for our student publications and inform us about newsworthy events and happenings in our community. They present factual information on current issues and report on the actions of public officials, executives, special interest groups, and others who exercise power

The Dialog: Opinion columnist Ongoing
Opinion columnists write compelling and thoughtful arguments on topics of the day backed up by documented facts that are properly sourced.

The Dialog: Photographer or videographer Ongoing
Photographers and videographers play a key role in our student community. They gather information and capture stories for our student newspaper and inform us about newsworthy events in our community.

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