The Student Association is an organization dedicated to providing quality services and supporting George Brown College students. Although we often work in collaboration with the College to proactively address student needs, the Student Association is an independently incorporated not-for-profit organization that is run by students, for students. There are approximately 23,000 full-time George Brown College students who are a part of our current membership. The Student Association provides student health insurance to most full-time domestic and post-secondary international students.

We know that good health is a foundation of your general well-being, but, we also know that health care can be costly and that most students are on a tight budget. With that in mind, the Student Association seeks to provide George Brown students with an affordable, high-quality extended health and dental coverage. It is with pride and pleasure that we present to you the highlights of your health benefits plan. The extended health and dental plan is offered by wespeakstudent and the plan information is available to you at: www.wespeakstudent.com

In addition to the extended health and dental plan, post-secondary international students are enrolled into the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) alternative plan. This plan is designed to provide you with coverage comparable to OHIP, which domestic students are eligible for. Post-secondary international students are entitled for both the extended health and dental plan and the OHIP alternative plan.

Opting Out from the Extended Health and Dental Plandomestic students only

For international students, your plan is the mandatory and you cannot opt-out except students under a Canadian federal or provincial health plan. 

Already have an external insurance plan? No Problem! For students who already have an alternative insurance plan, you are eligible to waive the college insurance plan within a certain time period. For more information, please contact your closest Student Association office.

You may opt out online by visiting: www.wespeakstudent.com (Please be advised that some exceptions may apply)

Opt Out Deadlines:
Students starting in September: Oct. 11, 2018
Students starting in January (students starting in September are not eligible): Feb.7, 2019

Important Note:
Students who apply online will receive an email confirmation. Please keep this confirmation email for future reference for your opt-out application. The Student Association Member Services team will not be able to assist you further if there is a technical error and if you have not retained any proof of confirmation. Electronic applications will not be available on the website after the above posted dates. Please note that in order to waive your health insurance from the college, you must have an equivalent alternative insurance plan.

Opting In to the Extended Health and Dental Plan

Please note that once your waiver has been accepted, it will remain in force as long as you are an eligible student. It applies for returning students in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of your program or even when returning to a new program after you have graduated.

If you have previously opted out and your alternative insurance has been terminated, you will have 31 days from the day your coverage terminates to notify someone in the Member Services department of the Student Association office to be re-enrolled into the SA’s student Extended Health and Dental Plan. However, depending on the circumstances, you may have to wait to be enrolled into the Extended Health and Dental Plan.

For students who have opted out in the past and return to school after any number of years, or those who take a new program and want to enroll in the Extended Health and Dental Plan please contact the Student Association office at the first week of your program. Your opt out in the past will remain in force even when you return to George Brown College or start a new program.

For students who are registered under the Accessible Learning Services with a reduced course load, you may not be automatically added to the health benefits plan, please verify this with the Student Association office for verification as soon as you register with the Accessible Learning services.

If you are a domestic student and you are taking your co-op placement in the initial semester of your school year (Students starting in September for the fall semester or students starting in January for the winter semester) or you are in the TPE program, you are not automatically eligible for the extended Health and Dental Plan as you will not be paying full-time tuition fees which includes the Health and Dental Plan fee. If you are interested in our extended Health and Dental coverage during your co-op term, please contact one of the Student Association offices before the deadlines below.

Opt In Deadlines:
Students starting in September: Oct.11, 2018
Students starting in January (students starting in September are not eligible): Feb.7, 2019

Family Coverage Provisions

Do you have dependents that you want to add onto the college’s health benefits plan? No problem! For an additional cost within a certain time period, you may be able to add your dependents to your Extended Health and Dental Plan. Your dependents can only be covered while you are a full-time student at the college, and have paid your own student health plan fee.

Deadline for submitting family application forms:
Students starting in September: Oct.11, 2018
Students starting in January (students starting in September are not eligible):Feb.7, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: No applications will be accepted after the posted deadline dates. The premiums vary depending on the type of coverage and plan that is being purchased. Please visit the Student Association office further inquiries.